Last Updated: Friday 4 September 2020

Our priority is to keep everyone safe while ensuring minimal disruption to your child’s English learning experience. Find out more about our safety measures. 


The British Council’s priority is always to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers, employees, and the communities in which we operate. Find out more about our additional health and safety measures. 

For this reason, the following changes have taken place in our Budapest office:

  • all face-to-face customer service activities have been temporarily suspended; the office remains closed to the public, we welcome individuals with an appointment. You can reach us through e-mail or telephone (please click here for contact details).
  • English language courses for young learners and adults will be delivered face-to-face this September. Registration is now open and the courses start 18 September for young learners and 16 September for adults (please click here for our English courses).
  • Our exams are held in small groups in accordance with strict hygiene regulations (please click here for our Exams).
  • all the cultural events are now taking place online or have been postponed to a later date (please click here for our events and programmes).

All the latest information about exams, teaching and programmes will be available on our website.

Find out how we are handling:

Covid-19 - English Courses FAQs

Covid-19 - Exams FAQs