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We have over 75 years' experience in teaching English, so we can help you prepare your students to do their absolute best. Working together we can make sure that they achieve an IELTS score that accurately reflects their level of English. Our experts have developed a wide range of resources for teachers like you who are supporting people in their preparation for an IELTS test.


Teach IELTS is the central point of reference for teachers, trainers and those working in other areas of English language teaching.

With classroom activities, lesson plans and helpful frequently asked questions, the British Council has all you need to support your IELTS teaching.

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Road to IELTS online preparation material

Road to IELTS is a powerful tool that you can put at the heart of your resources for an IELTS preparation course. It is also accessible for students to use it directly in their test preparations.

We know that people who are taking the test are more likely to do well if they know what to expect. This is where our Road to IELTS resources provide them with a unique advantage. It includes 120 hours of intensive work on the four aspects of the test: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

The resources simulate the real experience of the tests, even enabling students to view videos of the Speaking test and to practise against the clock.

How does Road to IELTS help me as a teacher?  

Your school can get an institutional licence for Road to IELTS. Advantages for you as a teacher include:

  • access for all your students to the Road to IELTS material
  • ability to monitor progress and develop bespoke study programmes tailored to the individual needs of your students
  • instant feedback on your students' performance 
  • access for your students to hints and tips to help them improve and understand their mistakes
  • material based on real IELTS tasks that will help your test takers develop confidence.

Sample 10 free hours of Road to IELTS and experience for yourself how the online preparation materials can help your students.