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What is FameLab?

FameLab is the world’s leading science communication competition. It spotlights the science communicators of tomorrow, who can show off their area of expertise in a truly engaging way. Participants have three minutes to impress the judges and public, demonstrating world-class content, clarity and charisma

Communicating science is an ever-growing priority worldwide. If experts can turn complex ideas into something accessible and attractive they:

  • Encourage future generations of scientists
  • Increase public understanding of science and its role in society
  • Generate support and funding for their work

Make it funny, make it informative, make it inspirational - we are looking for someone who can shine!


FameLab International

Cheltenham Festivals launched the first FameLab in 2005, and in 2007 partnered with British Council to take the model worldwide. Since then more than 9,000 scientists have participated from all around the globe.

This year 29 countries will host their own national competitions, creating a network from Europe and America to Africa, Asia and the Middle East. 


Learn more at

Cheltenham Science Festival – FameLab International

British Council – FameLab 2018

FameLab – YouTube 


FameLab Hungary

The first FameLab Hungary is now complete! The heat and semi-final took place on 5 April, 2018. 14 of the 60+ competitors were then chosen to continue their journey to the final, held on 14 May in the main auditorium of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Kis-Tóth Ágnes (Physics) was awarded first place for her talk on black holes, and represented Hungary at the International FameLab Final in Cheltenham this June. The second prize went to Rózsa Lajos and Fiser Béla won the audience vote, with choices submitted via the FameLab app. You can read more about the final on the Science Academy's website (in Hungarian).

Watch this space for details on FameLab 2019!


Szigeti Tamás / MTA.hu


Szigeti Tamás / MTA.hu


Szigeti Tamás / MTA.hu


Szigeti Tamás / MTA.hu


We welcome:

  • University students in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering). You must be 18+ to enter. 
  • Doctoral candidates, lecturers and faculty members in STEM subjects.
  • Specialist schoolteachers with a relevant degree (e.g. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, IT teachers).
  • Professionals working on applied research in the STEM field. 

Those already working in public engagement with science are not eligible for FameLab - this includes press or PR officers, artists, performers, journalists and broadcasters, and Science Centre staff who work primarily with the public.

Please contact us if you are unsure about your eligibility.


  • You have only three minutes for your talk.
  • Your talk must be about a science, technology, engineering, medicine or maths-based topic.
  • You may not use PowerPoint or other presentation software.
  • Props are limited to what you can carry on stage (and there is no time for set up!). 
  • Your talk is a solo performance. You cannot bring other people on stage to assist your talk.  
  • If you qualify for the national final you will need a second presentation – this can be on the same general topic, but must be demonstrably different in content.
  • Presentations will be delivered in Hungarian for both rounds (the local heat and national final).

n.b. FameLab International Finals at Cheltenham are held in English, but this should not deter you from applying. The qualifying participant from Hungary will join scientists from around the world, and language support can be provided as needed.


Do you want to join a global network of scientists, at the cutting edge of research? FameLab Alumni have given TEDx talks, written books, become Ministers and CEOs, and been awarded for pioneering research in their fields.

Finalists will join an exclusive two-day masterclass led by expert UK trainers, building their skills in communication. The national winner will also travel to Cheltenham Science Festival for the FameLab International Final, building partnerships that cross borders, subjects and systems.


FameLab 2018 will run in Hungary from February to June 2018. 

  • 20 February: Registration opens (online and FameLab app).
  • 26 March: Deadline for submitting applications.
  • 5 April: Regional Heats (Academy of Sciences, Budapest).
  • 21-22 April: Expert masterclass for finalists (location tbc).
  • 14 May: Hungarian National Final (Academy of Sciences, Budapest).
  • 7 June: FameLab International Final (Cheltenham, UK).

Jury and trainers

The Jury

Szabina Török - jury

Environmental chemist, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Environmental Physics Laboratory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Andrea Joós - jury

Biology teacher, trainer, radio and television presenter, founder of the Experiential Biology blog (Élménybiológia blog)

Ákos Kereszturi - jury

Planet researcher. Associate at the Astronomical and Earth Sciences Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Vice President of the Hungarian Astronomical Association.

Barnabás Málnay - jury

Founding partner of Smartware Tech investment company, and business developer at the Pan-European EIT Digital Incubator.

László Róbert Zsiros - MC

Science communication expert, radio presenter, founder of the Szertár project

About the trainer

James Piercy is a freelance science communicator and engagement officer at The John Innes centre one of the U.K’s leading plant science research centres.

James has a degree in chemistry and MSc in science communication. He has been involved in writing, producing and delivering; science shows, workshops and dialogue events for wide ranging audiences since 1995. He is an honorary lecturer at the University of East Anglia supporting the teaching of science communication. James is lead trainer for The Training group and works extensively with researchers teaching presentation skills and methods to engage publics with research.

James is known for his low-key storytelling style of presentation and engaging audiences without props or demonstrations. He has appeared on television numerous times in the U.K including ‘The Investigators’ which was nominated for a Children’s BAFTA.

He holds the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts gold medal with distinction in Public Speaking and his 2015 radio programme ‘My Head’ was broadcast on BBC World Service and won the Royal Society radio award.

See James talking about gravity here.

Get Inspired!

FameLab Hall of Fame


Articles from FameLab Alumni


Zsombor Boromisza, PhD, landscape architect, engineer, Szent Isván University Faculty of Landscape Artchitecture and Urbanism 

Gergely Dálya, physicist, PhD student, ELTE Faculty of Science

Béla Fiser, PhD, chemist, researcher, University of Miskolc Institute of Chemistry

Péter Jenei, PhD, physicist, ELTE Faculty of Science Institute of Physics

Ágnes Kis-Tóth, mathematician, physicist, PhD student in astrophysics, ELTE Faculty of Science 

Christina Miskolczi, biologist, PhD student, Research Institute for Experimental Medicine of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Judit Mokos, theoretical evolutionary biologist, PhD student, ELTE Department of Plant Physiology, Ecology and Theoretical Biology

Janka Sára Molnár, physics student, ELTE Faculty of Science

Orsolya Molnár, PhD, biologist, ecologist and evolutionary biologist, researcher, ELTE Faculty of Science

Benjamin Tamás Papp, medic, University of Szeged Faculty of Medicine

Gergő Pintér, mathematician, researcher, Rényi Alfréd Mathematical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Lajos Rózsa, PhD, biologist, researcher, Ecological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Szabolcs Szilágyi, environmental engineer student, Budapest University of technology and Economics 

Tamás Álmos Vámi, physicist, researcher, Wigner Research Centre for Physics / CERN


Date: 14 May 2018, from 5 pm to 8 pm (doors open at 4.30)

Venue: Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1051 Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 9.)


  • Welcome speech: László Lovász, President, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Introduction: Jennie King, Director Education and Culture, British Council Hungary
  • 12 inspirational talks 
  • Science show, while the jury deliberates
  • Awards giving: Iain Lindsay OBE, British Ambassador in Hungary

The program is free, but registration is required. Register here by 13 May.

Please note that the whole programme is in Hungarian. 


We broadcast the final live on the British Council Facebook pagewhere the video is still available to watch. You can also re-watch the final on MTA's YouTube channel.

You can read more about the final on the Science Academy's website (in Hungarian).

You can find more images in the final's Facebook gallery.

International Final

You can re-watch the international final on FameLab's YouTube channel.

FameLab Application

Download the FameLab application to your phone, vote on the day of the final between 19.00 and 19.30 and win!


You can download the FameLab app from the PlayStore or the App Store.

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