Németh Dániel


A social enterprise takes innovative and business-like approaches to improve people’s lives in our communities or to address environmental issues. 

A small scale social enterprise project in schools can involve community mapping of problems and assets, finding creative solutions to a problem, planning small social actions or organising community events. Meanwhile students do small research, work in teams, create business and communication plans, test their ideas and organise events – depending on their interests.  It is a practical, hands-on way for students to learn about social enterprises, while also developing key skills such as teamwork, confidence, resilience and innovation. 


The resource pack provides ideas for discussion, activities and a framework to help teachers use social enterprise as an engaging project for students. It aims to develop teachers and students’ knowledge of social innovation and entrepreneurship, whilst also developing core skills for learning, life, and work (critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and imagination, digital literacy, collaboration and communication etc). The activities in schools will help students to develop an awareness and understanding of how business can help to address social problems and practical experience in planning and setting up their own small scale social enterprise projects. 

The resource pack was developed by our partners, the Real Ideas Organisation and Social Impact Academy, and was adapted to Hungarian context by NESsT.