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Find an education agent in the UK

The British Council has a database of trained education agents, counsellors and advisors. You don't have to use an agent to apply to study in the UK but they can help you:

  • choose an institution
  • apply for a course at a university, college or school in the UK
  • advise you on topics such as visas, accommodation, travel and more. 

Registration and entrance exam preparation support

IEC (International Education for Global Minds) is an international educational agency, certified by the British Council and located in Budapest. They provide candidates with the necessary information and help they need to select the English language course that is right for them. They also help you with your application as well as your re-location.

Szabó Ervin LIbrary in Budapest has an International Education Service (in Hungarian). They help you understand the systems and processes of UK universities and provide general information.

The Milestone Institute in Hungary helps secondary school students prepare for entrance exams to British and other English-speaking universities.The institute works in partnership with the Hungarian Gimnázium. They recognise the different needs and interests of students in different age groups and at different levels of education. In the last four years, they have prepared nearly 300 students for leading English-speaking universities.

If you need an IELTS exam to prove your level of English, you can find all the necessary information on our website.

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