As winter wraps its arms around us, we're thrilled to announce a fun competition exclusively for our awesome students aged 7 to 17 at the British Council Hungary.

We are all about embracing creativity, and we believe in the power of artistic expression. So, dear students, let your imagination run wild! Grab your paintbrushes or pencils and show us what you love most about winter or what this season brings to mind. Surprise us with your creativity using the magic of colors and lines. We are excited to see the beautiful works you create!

Attention all talented artists! To join the excitement, you must be a current student of the British Council Hungary, attending either Primary Plus or Secondary Plus courses. The canvas is open exclusively to you. The deadline for submitting your amazing artworks is February 3, 2024. Begin crafting your masterpiece from January 20, 2024, onwards, and simply hand in your creation during a class session to your teacher or send a photo of it to the e-mail address.

To officially participate, make sure to submit the completed "Competition Application" form, included as an annex to the Competition Regulations. Both essential documents are available at the bottom of this page – take a moment to explore and understand the details within. We cannot wait to see the incredible talent our students bring to life in this competition!

The judging process will be conducted by a special commission, and they will unveil the competition results by February 7, 2024. The winning artists will be rewarded with enticing prizes, including a 15% discount on a week of the summer camp hosted by the British Council Hungary, along with bookstore voucher and trendy backpacks.

Calling all creative spirits from Primary Plus and Secondary Plus courses! This competition is a golden chance for budding artists like yourselves to showcase your skills and snag some one-of-a-kind prizes. Do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity!