Partner with the British Council in Budapest

Our partners in Hungary include trusted governmental organisations, top educational institutes and leading corporations. They are as diverse as our global networks. We encourage you to consider joining this prestigious list of British Council partners.

Examples of our current partnerships

Business and media

Milestone Institute | Study in the UK workshops

Trafó, Uránia, Libra Books, British pubs and restaurants and others | Taste of Britain card


Ministry of National Resources | Teacher development and learner support programmes

ELTE | Higher Education training for teachers of English

IATEFL | EgerOnline teachers' conference

School Partnership Programme | 10 secondary schools 

II. Rákóczi Gimnázium | Buda Teaching Centre


Trafó Theatre | Contermporary arts performances from the UK

Uránia Film Theatre | Globe on Screen, National Theatre Live

Bródy House | Literature Night