We relaunched the organisation of exams at the British Council this June. Currently, our exams are held in small groups in accordance with strict hygiene regulations. Find more information HERE.
Cambridge Assessment English accredited status extended until 90 days after the end of the state of emergency. For full details, please click HERE.

Cambridge Assessment English language exams are known and recognised by schools, universities, private and public sector employers all over the English-speaking world.

Success in a Cambridge Assessment English exam provides you with an internationally recognised certificate showing the level you have attained in English.

The B1 Preliminary, B1 Preliminary for Schools, B2 First, C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency exams are accredited in Hungary by the Accreditation Centre for Foreign Language Examinations (NYAK-NYAT). Successful candidates will receive a Hungarian accredited certificate issued by the Accreditation Centre for Foreign Language Examinations for the following levels:

  • B1 Preliminary (monolingual, complex, level B1)
  • B2 First (monolingual, complex, level B2)
  • C1 Advanced (monolingual, complex, level C1)
  • C2 Proficiency (monolingual, complex, level C1).

It is important to note that, in accordance with the relevant Hungarian legislation, accredited certificates can only be issued to candidates who trun 14 in the calendar year of their exam application – this limitation does not apply to the international certificates.

You can find more information about the internationally recognised certificates issued by Cambridge Assessment English, as well as the accredited Hungarian certificates issued by the Accreditation Centre for Foreign Language Examinations on the Results and certificates page. You can find detailed information about the accreditation on the NYAK website.

Cambridge Assessment English exam preparation website

The official Cambrige Assessment English website provides detailed information regarding the format of the exams as well as free useful resources to help you to prepare, including sample exam material and audio files.