Learn English with the British Council and see a world full of opportunity. Whether it’s for business, technology or culture, improving your English will help with the most important parts of your life.

Better English means better career prospects. More promotions. Getting that great job, at the place you’ve dreamed of working. 

It means a better education. Our English exams can open up more opportunities. Getting you in to the best universities. Here or abroad. 

It also means getting the most out of life. When you learn with us you learn with a multicultural, global community. You improve your language. You build your confidence. You make new friends. 

As English experts we’re uniquely positioned to give you a fast, efficient and engaging way to learn. We’ll help you communicate with confidence. And you can earn recognised certificates as you learn. Everything you need to get on in life.  

Our proven approach to learning uses lessons that build your skills and confidence over time. You’ll be guided by experienced and well-qualified teachers every step of the way.

The lessons are group-based, with lots of interaction, discussion and teamwork, you’ll find learning with us a sociable and enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re learning English for the first time or want to top up your skills, become an expert speaker or simply experience the joy of learning, we’ve got the right course for you and your future. 

It all adds up to a world of opportunity just waiting for you to enjoy.

Our General English courses are designed to improve every aspect of your everyday English. The lessons are interactive, sociable and fun and have clear objectives that contribute to your overall progress and move you closer to achieving your individual language goals.

Your teacher will give you structured learning tasks, monitor your progress and help you become more fluent and confident with your English.

Take this course with the world’s English experts and you will:

  • learn real language skills for every aspect of your everyday English
  • learn about UK culture
  • become more fluent and gain confidence in your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
  • be taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • receive feedback on your progress measured by continuous assessment and a formal test at the end of the course.

Course information

  • Levels

    Elementary (A1)

    Pre-intermediate (A2)

    Intermediate (B1)

    Upper-intermediate (B2)

    Advanced (C1)

  • Course format

    • 36 hours / 24 lessons, twice a week (Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday), over 12 weeks  
    • 36 hours / 12 lessons, twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday), over 6 weeks  
  • Course location

  • Price

    The full price of the course for one term is 103,000 Ft

Pest centre
Terms and timetables

TERM 1: 17 September to 13 December 2018

TERM 2: 7 January to 28 March 2019

TERM 3: 1 April to 20 June 2019

SUMMER TERM: 24 June to 2 August 2019

Level Days Times

Intensive Pre-intermediate

(8 January to 12 February 2019)

Tuesday and Thursday 10.00-13.15

Intensive Pre-intermediate

(19 February to 28 March 2019)

Tuesday and Thursday 10.00-13.15

Intensive Intermediate

(8 January to 12 February 2019)

Tuesday and Thursday 10.00-13.15

Intensive Intermediate

(19 February to 28 March 2019)

Tuesday and Thursday 10.00-13.15

Intensive Upper-intermediate

(8 January to 12 February 2019)

Tuesday and Thursday 10.00-13.15
Elementary Tuesday and Thursday 16.00-17.30
Pre-intermediate Monday and Wednesday 16.00-17.30
Intermediate Tuesday and Thursday 17.45-19.15
Upper-intermediate Monday and Wednesday 17.45-19.15
Upper-intermediate Tuesday and Thursday 16.00-17.30
Upper-intermediate Tuesday and Thursday 19.30-21.00
Advanced Monday and Wednesday 19.30-21.00
Advanced Tuesday and Thursday 17.45-19.15

Please note that class timetables are subject to change.

List of public holidays and non-teaching days can be found here.

Teenagers over the age of 16 can attend an adult course with a Parental consent form.