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1. What happens if my child misses a lesson for any reason? 

If there will be a planned absence, please inform us either by phone or email or by telling the teacher. 

If there is an unplanned absence, please inform us if possible, otherwise we will contact you to check the reason for the absence. 

If your child is absent for any of the reasons outlined above you will be able to check what happened in the lesson and what homework there is by contacting customer service team.

2. How many children are in each class? 

Class sizes vary depending on the size of the classroom.

3. What happens if a scheduled class is cancelled suddenly? 

It is possible that a lesson may have to be cancelled due to operational factors such as unavailability of premises, sudden teacher illness or government-mandated notices. On the rare occasions that this occurs, you will be informed as soon as possible by email and/or telephone. Please ask your child if they received any note from the teacher after each lesson.  

A cancelled lesson will be made up for on the nearest available date. You will be informed about this in timely manner. In case of unavailability of premises, the class might be conducted online, as a last resort.  

4. Why are there non-teaching days? 

Apart from public holidays, there are a few days built into the academic calendar as non-teaching days. These are planned in due to operational reasons such as unavailability of partner premises, ski breaks and training days. 

5. How can I talk to my child’s teacher about my child’s progress? 

We encourage you talk to your child’s teacher if you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress or participation. You can schedule a time to meet the teacher by contacting customer service on-site or through email and telephone.  

Also, stay tuned for information about parent days and townhalls. 

6. What happens if my child needs to leave early? 

If your child needs to leave a class early, we ask you to confirm by providing a note for the teacher or emailing us. You might be called to verify. 

7. Who can I speak to if I have a concern, a suggestion, or a complaint? 

We encourage you to the contact Customer Service Team through email, by telephone or by simply reaching out to a representative on-site. Your concern will be forwarded to the appropriate person for a resolution. 

8. How can I support my child’s learning at home? 

British Council educational experts have developed new products and services in order to support parents. We hope you enjoy using these products with your child.

Our LearnEnglish Family range of products includes: 

  • a website for kids and parents that provides learning materials, advice and guidance 
  • a series of booklets for parents (in Hungarian) with guidance, tips and useful information. 

Find out more about our program on our LearnEnglish Family page.

You will also be sent course overviews at the start of a semester. These will contain information about what your child will be learning and specific ideas on how you can support them.
9. How can I login to the learning hub? 
Your child’s unique username includes a country code (HU) and their British Council student number. This number can be found on the payment receipt.
So, the Learning Hub username is HU+ student number. Generate a password the first time you log in. You will need to access your registered email address while generating the password. Please generate a memorable password and save it.  
Please follow the directions given here

We hope that your child enjoys their course. If you do have any further questions, please do get in touch with us.