Man and young girl sitting and working on computer.

As part of our commitment to your child’s language development in a 21st Century world we have developed an online global platform for all our primary and secondary students.

  • The platform will include activities to develop your child’s reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills as well as their grammar and vocabulary understanding, and it is closely linked to the magazines we use in class. 
  • This platform will form the basis for homework and support the development of independent learning and digital skills. Your child’s teacher will advise them when and what activities to do, and they will review and build on what your child has done on the platform, in the classroom. 
  • The learning hub will form a big part of the course enabling students to post assignments and communicate with the teacher.
  • If we need to deliver lessons online, then the links to the virtual classrooms will be accessible only through this platform ensuring the safety of our classrooms. 

It’s really important that all students log in and use this platform as instructed. This will enable us switch between online and face lessons in an efficient and speedy manner. This might happen only in emergency situations. Login details are sent in an email and the teacher will remind the students in the first few weeks of the course. 

Click here to visit the platform:

How to use video tutorials