Literature Night 2024

Literature Night aims to promote contemporary literature and reading. Participating cultural institutions select authors and literary texts related to a certain topic and actors read out excerpts from these books. The venues are unique places, otherwise not always available to the public. The programme is organised by EUNIC Hungary.

For three nights this year, the literary event will feature actors reading excerpts from works by authors from 24 countries in special venues that are not literary or well-known. The topic this year: Across the River.

The readings will take place from 5–7 June 2024 in Budapest and from 31 May–2 June 2024 in Debrecen.

The programme is in Hungarian.

Actors sitting in dimmed room and reading from book.


Rachel Cusk (1967) British author


Second Place (2021)

Translated by Zsófia Nádor


Budapest: Margit-district, 5 June 2024

Debrecen: Downtown, 2 June 2024

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