The main entrance to Pest Centre

We welcome visitors with disabilities and those bringing pushchairs. If you need help with access, or have any questions, please let us know.

Getting here

Pest Centre is located in Madách Trade Center – Building A, Floor 2 and 5, which is a modern office block.

  • Deák square metro station is 480 m away.
  • Nyugati train station is 1,800 m away.
  • Deák square bus stop is 520 m away.
  • Deák square tram stop is 320 m away.

Drop off

The nearest drop-off point is at the intersection of Rumbach Sebestyén and Madách Imre streets.

  • This drop-off point is 60 m from Pest Centre main entrance.


Pest Centre has a car park.

  • Our pay car park is located in the basement of Madách Trade Center. You can enter and exit the car park from Rumbach Sebestyén street, from the direction of Deák square. 
  • There is one accessible pay parking space in our car park.
  • There is one steep but negotiable slope, two manually operated doors 90 cm wide and a 1 m wide corridor between the accessible parking space and the lift. Visitors with disabilities will probably require help to get from the accessible parking space to the lift. Contact us if you require our help to reach the lift.  
  • When you enter the car park you get a parking ticket which you have to validate before you can leave. You can validate the parking ticket at the reception desk in the lobby.
  • By default we do not reimburse our guests for the cost of parking.
  • British Council Hungary would be happy to pick up the cost of parking for our guests with disabilities taking a course or an exam with us.
  • Any reimbursement for parking is limited to the duration of the lesson / exam, only 1 car / student and only for students with disabilities that require the use of the accessible parking space.
  • Reimbursement is not automatic. Get in touch with us before using the accessible parking space. 
  • There are pay-and-display parking spaces on nearby streets, including Rumbach Sebestyén street, the nearest are 60 m away.
  • There are public accessible parking spaces at the intersection of Rumbach Sebestyén and Király streets. These are pay-and-display. To use these you need to display a permit.

What to expect when you arrive

Main entrance

Step-free access to Pest Centre is provided via the main entrance on Madách Imre street. The main door is a sliding door and accessible to wheelchair and pushchair users. 

You can see a photo of the main entrance above.

  • The width of the main entrance door is 213 cm
  • Assistance dogs are welcome.

Inside the building


The building’s reception desk is 5 m to the right of the main entrance. 

  • If you use a wheelchair, we will speak with you about a suitable emergency evacuation plan.

Building overview

Pest Centre customer service’s reception area and classrooms are located on levels 2 and 5 of Madách Trade Centre. Our staff will be happy to help if you require any assistance.

Both levels are accessible by lift (see below) and stairs.

There is a café on the ground floor.


  • There are accessible classrooms on levels 2 and 5.

Contact us in case you require special equipment to attend our classes.

Lifts and stairs

You can reach levels 2 and 5 by lift or stairs.

  • The lift is a passenger lift.
  • The lift door width is 89 cm and the buttons are within 140 cm of the floor.
  • The lift has Braille buttons.
  • The lift has an audible announcer (limited to announcing door openings).
  • The stairs have a handrail on the left hand side (going up).
  • The lift and the stairs are located behind a manually operated door 100 cm wide on each floor.

Please contact us before your visit if you think the lift will be unsuitable for you so that we can make alternative arrangements.

Accessible toilet

There is no accessible toilet in Building A. However there is an accessible toilet on the ground floor of Building B. It is suitable for people using wheelchairs.

  • Madách Trade Center – Building B is part of the same building complex.
  • The accessible toilet is located in the lobby of Building B, just across the street.
  • After exiting Building A there is a small slope downward toward the main entrance of Building B.
  • The lobby of Building B is accessed through two manually operated doors 90 cm wide. 
  • The accessible toilet is on the left side of the lobby.
  • The width of the toilet door is 88 cm. The door opens inwards.