Botis Seva, London-based choreographer and Artistic Director of the dance theatre company ‘Far From the Norm’

In the Social Cohesion strand, we will combine arts and non-formal education to engage young people from diverse backgrounds though training and project work.

This autumn, we are organising a series of thought-provoking events around The Dan Daw Show. This is a show about care, intimacy and resilience, about letting go and reclaiming yourself. After having spent a lifetime being an inspiration to others, Dan is finally seizing the moment to inspire himself. Taking ownership of the beautiful mess that encompasses all that he is, Dan lets go of who he once was to make room for who he wants to be.

In the spring, we organised workshops and round table discussions based on the performance BLKDOG by Botis Seva, a London-based artist and Artistic Director of Far From The Norm.

Far From the Norm is an international touring company that strives to make honest, relevant and needed performance work that reflects its generation. The company deconstructs street dance vocabulary, challenges perceptions of hip hop and creates work that empowers ordinary people. The company’s work is original and fearless, and invites debate on social political issues and the contemporary world.

In co-operation with Trafó House of Contemporary Arts