Csoszó Gabriella, “Young people in a Romani design fashion show”

The programme is based on an inspiring challenge, which provides participants an insight into design approaches, the opportunity to build relationships and work together to solve social problems.

Women in society - a challenge

The situation has not been all roses anyway, but research shows that the epidemic situation is setting back the time required to achieve gender equality by a generation.* Which are these pressing issues, and how could the situation of girls and women be improved using the tools of social entrepreneurship and design? Applicants will work on ideas for creating products and services that address the identified problems in teams of 2-4 people.

Possible topics:

  1. Social roles
  2. Fair treatment
  3. Employment
  4. Health promotion
  5. Designed world

Who can apply?

The programme is designed for young people aged 18-30 who are interested in social affairs, entrepreneurship and design (eg students; NGOs, non-profit staff, volunteers; young entrepreneurs and activists).

Who is the programme designed for?

Young people aged 18-30 who are interested in social issues, entrepreneurship and design (e.g. university students; staff and volunteers of NGOs, non-profit enterprises; young entrepreneurs and activists).

The programme

Participants will take part in an online training series (5 x 3 hours), where the tools of design thinking are used to develop entrepreneurial knowledge, social and creative skills, such as critical thinking, social responsibility and visual communication skills. The programme is concluded by an online pitch, where a jury of experts will provide feedback and select the winning ideas.

The planned dates (one session per week, 16 - 19h):

7 May 2021: What is social entrepreneurship?

13 May 2021: Discussion with social entrepreneurs (open event):  Rozi Váczi (Matyodesign), Dóra Molnár (This is redy), Tünde Horváth (Bagázs), moderated by Adrienn Csepelyi (wmn)

18 May 2021: creative brainstorming and business planning

25 May 2021: prototype development

1 June 2021: pitch techniques, visualisation as a tool

8 June 2021: closing pitch, announcement of the results

Trainers and mentors:

  • Tornyánszki Éva, design manager - Kultúrgorilla
  • Sőregi Viktória, project manager - Impact Hub Budapest
  • Barna Máté, service designer, trainer, design manager – MOME, Cellux Csoport

What will you win?

  • Knowledge and skills development
  • Network of contacts
  • Main prize value: HUF 350,000

You can apply by completing the online registration form by 2 May 2021 (please know the programme will run in Hungarian). 

This programme is supported by the European Union.  

Partners: Kultúrgorilla, Impact Hub Budapest, Cellux Csoport

Ambassadors of the topics: NANE, Patent, Egyszülős Központ, Nőkért Egyesület, Cellux Csoport

*Report of the World Economic Forum