Young people walking past a wall covered in colourful graffiti.

Social enterprises employ business approaches to address social and environmental problems and enhance their communities. They combine the entrepreneurial approaches and trading methods of the private sector with the social mission and public values of the voluntary and public sector.

We have a number of resources including films, websites, reports and publications from our recent society projects.

These resources may be useful for social entrepreneurs and individuals working in environment protection, urban development and the voluntary sector.

We have made these resources available for individual use. Please contact us if you would like to share them (e.g. for education programmes, lectures or publication).

Londoners Volunteer film

This film showcases London’s voluntary sector. It looks at:

  • different types of voluntary work
  • how the sector is supported by volunteering centres and employers
  • how volunteering benefits both the volunteers and the beneficiaries.

The film was produced under the Active Citizens project in cooperation with the British Council and Duna TV. It was broadcast four times on the Duna and M2 national televisions.

You can watch the film (in Hungarian) in four parts on our YouTube channel: 

part 1part 2part 3part 4.

London Green Guide film

This film shows showcases London’s environmentally friendly schemes. It looks at:

  • what makes London "green"
  • how the city prepared for the Green Olympics
  • how Londoners protect their environment (including a "green disco").

The film was produced as part of the Challenge Europe project in cooperation with Duna Television and was broadcast twice. You can watch the film (in Hungarian) in four parts on our YouTube channel: 

part 1, part 2part 3part 4.

Breakthrough Cities report

Breakthrough Cities is a ground-breaking report on how cities can mobilise creativity and knowledge to tackle compelling social challenges.

The report was commissioned by the British Council from the Young Foundation. Geoff Mulgan and Charles Leadbeater, established international experts in social innovation and creativity, are major contributors.

The Breakthrough Cities report is an insightful and inspiring read for anyone working in the field of city policy; policy makers, consultants, public employees, workers in the arts or education sectors, NGOs, or interested private individuals.

Multilingualism in Europe report

Our networking project, Language Rich Europe, brought together 1,200 policy makers and practitioners from 24 European countries. Individuals were selected from the fields of education, business, public services and the media. They came together to discuss and develop better policies and practices for multilingualism.

The aim of the LRE project was to reflect the richness of languages present in European society and the extent to which all of these languages are included in policies and practices for multilingualism. You can download the LRE report and the recommendations.