The British Council’s support of the arts and culture has been nationally renowned, however, British culture really burst into Hungarian public consciousness in 2008.

Great Britmania was our most successful arts project showcasing the best of the UK in contemporary arts. We ran two series of this programme with performers including Nigel Charnok, Wood & Harrison, DV8, Peepolykus, Akram Khan, Ladytron, Stans Café, Russel Maliphant, Forced Entertainment and others.

Over 4,000 visitors came to the Grand Opening and we had 600 VIP guests from all segments of Hungarian cultural life. The media campaign created a highly valued and recognised brand in a very short period of time - 70% of people asked knew about the brand Great Britmania after the first series of programmes. We were the first to combine culture and business in such a successful way in Hungary.

We worked with MINI (BMW), British Airways, the British Embassy, VisitBritain, Nike, Motorola and many other partners in this project, including media partners such as Republic of Art, Metropol, Kreatív, Wan2, Stílus Magazine, Radio Café and others.

Get to know some of our key cultural projects of the past 60 years, such as The Selector Radio (2015)'People to People' Community Arts Project (2019),  Martin Parr - Showcasing the Best of British Photography (2020), and Botis Seva (2023).