In our commitment to advancing education and development of young people the British Council embraces the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). By harnessing AI technologies, we aim to revolutionize learning experiences, facilitate inclusive education, and empower individuals for a rapidly evolving future. 

In 2023, the British Council joined forces with MOME Innovation Centre and Microsoft to host a hackathon for young people to explore and showcase the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for the common good. Fifty young people worked in teams to design an AI-based web service addressing the topics of climate change or food waste.

AI is seen as a technology that has the power to solve some of the biggest global challenges facing us today. Young people have the power to influence the future of AI and whether it will be used as a tool for shaping solutions to real problems. It is a field in which they will be called to act critically, influence others and support wider society.

The hackathon was organised for young people aged between 18 and 35 who are passionate about sustainability and interested in innovation and creative problem-solving to work together in interdisciplinary teams and create AI-based solutions to social and environmental challenges.

Working with our partners, we are relaunching the hackathon this year - visit the following website for more information and how to apply.

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