In the 1990s, the British Council was famous for creating a vibrant arts and culture scene in Hungary. Building on this tradition, in recent decades, we’ve seen projects like Great Britmania (2008), Selector Radio (2015), People to People Project (2019)  and  Martin Parr’s Exhibition (2020)  emerge, showcasing the best of British talent in Hungary as well as enabling cultural connections and mutual understanding.

In the spring of 2023, we organised workshops and round table discussions based on the performance BLKDOG by Botis Seva, a London-based artist and Artistic Director of Far From The Norm

Far From the Norm is an international touring company that strives to make honest, relevant and needed performance work that reflects its generation. The company deconstructs street dance vocabulary, challenges perceptions of hip hop and creates work that empowers ordinary people. The company’s work is original and fearless, and invites debate on social political issues and the contemporary world. The program was realised in cooperation with Trafó House of Contemporary Arts.

Arts and culture serve as powerful vehicles for expressing diverse perspectives, nurturing dialogue, and bridging cultural gaps. By supporting artistic endeavors, the British Council aims to encourage cultural exchange, celebrate diversity, and facilitate meaningful connections between the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

Introducing artists like Botis Seva promotes social cohesion for enabling mutual understanding, acceptance and more inclusive, happier and healthier societies.