The cultural significance and global appeal of the UK's rich musical heritage is invaluable.

Selector Radio aired between 2015-16 on Petőfi Radio in Hungary. The initiative was part of Selector’s global programme, selecting the best UK music every week and sharing it with the world. Shared with more than 30 countries around the world, Selector connects a global audience to anything and everything that was exciting in the UK. We take you on a virtual tour of the UK, dropping you into the heart of cities like Bristol, Belfast, Cardiff and Glasgow to listen to the best emerging talent. Jazz, grime, indie or electronica – or somewhere in between – each week we put together a truly eclectic playlist and catch up with the artists and labels who are leading the way in UK music.

Music serves as a universal language that transcends borders, fostering connections and understanding between people of different backgrounds. By promoting British music internationally, the British Council aims to showcase the diversity and innovation within the UK's music scene, strengthen cultural ties, and provide opportunities for collaboration and exchange between British musicians and their global counterparts. 

Selector Radio was just one of our cultural success stories of the past 60 years. Explore projects like: